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County Executives

of America

The County Executives of America (CEA) is the only non-partisan association dedicated specifically to chief elected county officials. Our organization has spent over 40 years helping county leaders get more resources and govern better. CEA's current membership includes County Executives, County Judges, Parish and Borough Presidents, City-County Mayors, Commission Presidents and Chairs, and all county leaders elected at-large by the public constituency.

Whether you are interested in strong advocacy, economic development, grant and appropriations research, legislative and regulatory analysis, or if you simply want to participate in a working dialogue with your colleagues across the country, County Executives of America will benefit you.

CEA began as a league formed by county executives who believed the job as the chief elected officer of a county was too important to overlook. Their initial desire to create an alliance that would assist county officers in executing their duties sparked a dramatic evolution that produced today's association of over 700 counties.


Message from the CEA President

I am proud to say that I have been serving in a leadership role with CEA for eight years and as President for the last four. The one thing I don’t have to tell any of you is how difficult the past few years have been for counties as we navigated the scourge of opioid addiction, COVID-19 and an economy struggling as a result of the pandemic. Through it all, we have been successful because we have been able to listen and learn from each other and present a unified voice. Together, we have sent a message to pharmaceutical companies that opioids have ravaged our communities and they are responsible. Together, we have helped each other with COVID-19 challenges by sending each other PPE and test kits and sharing best practices. Together, we talking about the financial struggles we are facing to offer solutions. CEA is stronger than ever because our county leaders are working together for the good of all our residents.


Drug overcharging
Pharmacy Cost Containment Solutions for CEA Membership

Mitigate the Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs


Prescription cost containment solutions is one of the many benefits of CEA membership. CEA has an association with a Pharmacy Benefits Administrator (PBA) that has a proven track record of performance. At no cost to the county, this Pharmacy Benefits Administrator evaluates, negotiates, manages, and monitors self-funded pharmacy benefit programs - focusing on Specialty medication price gouging.


Albany County, NY, has saved over $1.5 million by partnering with a Pharmacy Benefits Administrator. The Pharmacy Benefits Administrator’s goal is to:

•   Provide best in class service

•   Target specialty medication utilization, and help realize  significant  savings

•   Eliminate cost-sharing for members

•   Reduce overall specialty drug cost for employers

•   Employers save money, and members obtain the medication at no cost

•   Deploy custom clinical programs to meet employers' needs

CEA Overview

About Us

We know county officials work hard to accommodate the needs of the people they serve and to remain effective leaders. County Executives of America provides its members with the voice they need to remain strong politically and economically.  
CEA works directly with principal decision-makers in all areas of the federal government, so our members get their needs heard and questions answered.
We also work with private sector business leaders from around the world in order to create economic opportunities for our members’ local communities and offer valuable county programs that will help our members cut county costs and improve local services.



Our membership interacts with colleagues from all over the country to share ideas and best practices. Meetings feature relevant topics. Joint lawsuits recoup lost funds, such has the insulin case (hot link her for more information). CEA’s meetings bring together key players. Join us.

Find out more about the benefits of joining the CEA by calling 571-444-7415 or emailing

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