Associate Membership



Every business is affected by government rules and regulations. That's why so many companies believe in the importance of communication with public officials. For some companies, that means working with representatives on the federal level. But many others are quickly learning the value of communication with officials on the local level. In fact, the national trend toward governmental devolution has led to an increase in corporate relationships with local administrators. For their part, local administrators have worked hard to accommodate the needs of the people they serve without compromising commercial growth that can generate jobs and economic prosperity. Our organization, County Executives of America, believes that a balance must be struck between the public and private sector if we are all to progress in the 21st century. And the best way to create balance is to work together to solve the many economic challenges that face our communities every day.


The Associate Member Program

In order to identify, address and resolve significant policy issues at the county level, county executives are choosing to consult with those in the business community on important issues such as environmental regulation, public safety, health care and economic development. That's why County Executives of America has created the Associate Member Program, a strong network of public-private partnerships between local government leaders and the business community.


The program is built for the express purpose of exchanging ideas and contemplating new, innovative, and sometimes experimental solutions to pressing challenges at the local government level. Together, businesses and local governments can collaborate on creating opportunities for the people they serve.


The Associate Member Program also helps businesses of all kinds understand the local market by working directly with local leaders who make critical economic decisions for their communities. County Executives of America is already working with some of the top corporate leaders in the nation. Our Associate Members have included firms like 3M, Kraft, VISA, and Honeywell. Through our program, these firms participate in an advanced information network helping county executives across the nation communicate with them. This allows business and county leaders to get the right information from the right people so they can make the smartest economic development decisions.


Associate Member Benefits

What you and your organization will receive as Associate Members of County Executives of America:


  • Various communications by CEA, which include comprehensive policy issue developments, legislative tracking, conference schedules and other events.


  • Invitation to attend CEA conferences and special events.


  • Opportunities to discuss local government issues and learn directly from the decision-makers.


  • Automatic entry to CEA's public-private partnership division--created to help businesses reach local markets with less government regulation.


  • Links to over 3,000 local governments across the country through CEA's County Information Network.


  • Exclusive programs and services designed to help civic-oriented business leaders develop more effective relationships with county leaders for the benefit of the community.


Associate Membership Dues

Dues for the Associate Membership is $10,000.  Annual renewal dues are $10,000. Click HERE to fill out an Associate Membership Application.


To request more information, please email Michael Griffin at or call 202-628-3585.