CEA Welcomes County and Business Membership 



CEA has a membership solely comprised of top-level elected local government officials. The County Member Program includes those leaders of city-county jurisdictions, boroughs (New York City and Alaska), parishes (Louisiana), and judicial jurisdictions (Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, etc). Mayors...Tennessee and consolidated city-counties across the U.S. ie: New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc. All members must be duly elected by and fully represent their entire constituency, responsible for county budgets and services, and have authority for civil employees. 


CEA spans the entire nation. There are over 700 out of just over 3,000 U.S. counties that follow a "county executive" government structure. CEA represents those counties that maintain a county executive style of government, giving it a presence in 45 states.



CEA welcomes public-private partnerships. Through its Associate Member Program, CEA works with members of the private sector to build public-private partnerships that will improve communities across the nation. CEA welcomes all civic-oriented businesses to join or make contributions to the organization. Associate members are full-fledged members with the opportunity to learn about local government and how it influences the lives of the American people.