CEA Meetings & Events



Annual Meetings
Every year CEA holds four quarterly meetings. These meetings span two days and usually consist of Board of Directors meetings and general policy meetings followed by evening receptions and dinners.
Internal business is conducted at closed Board of Directors meetings while public policy and issue-oriented topics are discussed during open meetings.
CEA county membership can attend Board of Directors meetings to discuss specific issues but cannot vote. Associate members may attend general meetings, dinners, and receptions, or other CEA events but cannot vote or participate in closed Board of Directors meetings.


Quarterly meetings are planned in advance. Two meetings tend to be in Washington D.C., while two meetings tend to be in local counties. The actual location of each meeting is designated by CEA with the approval of the Board of Directors. The location and agenda of each meeting is subject to change.






Meeting 1:

Thursday, March 25 - Friday, March 26, 2021

In-person and virtual Board of Directors Meeting 

Washington, DC

Meeting 2:

Sunday, July 11, 2021

National Harbor

Prince George's County MD

(To coincide with NaCo Convention)


Meeting 3:


All agendas and hotel information will follow at a later date.  Your participation is vital to the success of the meetings and the future of the County Executives of America.  Contact Deputy Executive Director Kelly Griffin by phone at (646) 337-6644, or via email at kgrif@optonline.net with comments or questions.



Legislative Meetings

CEA can call a legislative meeting in order to discuss a national initiative that may affect county government. Legislative meetings are not planned in advance, as they are responses to activities occurring in Congress, and do not follow a specific format.


Associate members are welcome to attend legislative meetings and may have the opportunity to speak from an "industry perspective."


County members use these meetings to formulate a unified position regarding an issue and CEA often presents the results in position statements and reports to members, the public, and the federal government.

CEA Meet and Greet Events
CEA organizes a general "meet and greet" dinner for associate members three times a year, usually coinciding with CEA quarterly meetings. These dinners will feature various county executives who are members of CEA. Associate members attend for free.



Other Events

From time to time CEA hosts other events, including conferences, international trade missions, press conferences, political forums etc. Members are notified in advance of any events and invited to attend. Details are offered as events develop.